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Hits Tree Entertainment was founded by the passion for creativity and advancement. The sole purpose of this company is to provide high quality services and products to the Music, TV, and Films Industry. Hits Tree works behind the scenes to help nourish and expand the careers and projects of others, by providing the necessary tools.
Hits Tree Entertainment provides unique songwriting services, music production, promotion, and leasing services while continuously implementing innovative ideas.

We are firm believers in the progression of one’s talent. Everyone has the ability to become the best; it just takes knowledge, great tools, and a burning desire to achieve. This company was founded by those three things alone. Hits Tree wants to take the impossible, and make it possible. What makes this company different from everyone else is our drive, our passion, and our open-minded attitude. We are an Equal Opportunity company who sees no barriers, just talent. So, come find out what Hits Tree Entertainment can do for you!

“Follow your dreams, even when no one’s following you!”

-CEO of Hits Tree Entertainment

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