Some companies lease beats for $25 & up and use harsh restrictions like:

  • High royalty fees on CD sales
  • Can only sell a certain amount of CDs
  • Can not perform the song live or on TV
  • Etc.

At Hits Tree Entertainment, you are free to use the beat for whatever you like and for however long you like; we do not put limitations on your creative process.

Our only restriction is, you can not sell the beat as your own. Hits Tree Entertainment owns exclusive rights to all beats.

We are constantly making new and better beats, so please visit us frequently for our latest work. We value our clients, and will continue to provide you great beats, for the lowest prices around.

If you record a song to one of our beats, we would love to hear it. To submit your song for review, please Click Here

Below are only a few samples of our beats. Sign up for a free membership to get access to our FREE BEATS. For access to all our beats, nearly 100, upgrade to Ultimate or Mogul membership.

I'm King
A fire beat for a street king.  
Always There
A smooth r&b melody.  
Blast From Techno Past
Hot pop beat with a great bass line.  
Get My Name Right
A hot urban beat for the streets. 
Your Voice
Beautiful r&b beat.  
Look at That Girl
A potential hit for the next pop star.  

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