Electronic Press Kits

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK)  is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. So it is a very important promotional tool for anyone in the entertainment business. Whether you’re an actor, recording artist, DJ, or event promoter, having an EPK can help you book more gigs by highlighting your talents, achievements, and more.

Most EPKs are created in a PDF format so it can be easily transmitted online (via download or email). Well, what about all the times when you’re out and about networking? Most likely you won’t have a flash drive on you with your EPK on it. Not only do we offer PDF & WEB-BASED Electronic Press Kits, Hits Tree Entertainment also offers Mobile EPKs for entertainment professional on-the-go.

A Mobile EPK is an one-page mobile webpage with collapsible tabs/sections that includes (but not limited to) the following information: Bio, Photos, Music, Videos, Press Coverage Excerpts, Social links, and contact information.
Once we finish building your Mobile EPK, you’ll receive a QR Code that you can add to promotional materials (flyers, business cards, facebook timeline cover, etc). Or you can text your mobile link to business contacts so they can view your EPK on their mobile device.
Time varies, but usually between 4-7 days if we receive all your information in a reasonable time.
After you order, please send us biography in text form, up to eight photos, up to three links to your youtube videos, up to three links to your soundcloud songs (or any other html5/mobile-friendly music player), up to five links to press coverage articles, social links (including your official website if you have one), and your contact/booking information (phone, email, etc.)


Mobile EPK
A custom-designed mobile epk along with QR Code and unlimited hosting.
A custom-designed one-page pdf epk.
A custom-designed one-page web-based epk with unlimited hosting.
3-in-1 EPK Bundle
Get all three custom-designed EPK versions with unlimited hosting, and save $10.

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