Nicki Minaj throws shade at Female Rapper Iggy Azalea

NICKI MINAJ SHAKES UP : Takes playful shot at Iggy Azalea, per the Los Angeles Times, “If Sunday’s BET Awards served as “the black World Cup” — as the evening’s host, Chris Rock, put it in his introductory monologue — then Nicki Minaj was the Netherlands, waiting until the very end of the nearly four-hour show to score. You could see her setting up her game-winning goal earlier, when Iggy Azalea came onstage to perform her hit “Fancy” and a reaction shot of Minaj in the audience showed the rapper primping exaggeratedly. Was she enjoying Azalea’s performance? Making fun of it? It wasn’t clear.

“Until it was. Accepting the award for best female hip-hop artist, the final prize handed out Sunday, Minaj used her time at the podium to take a masterful dig at Azalea, whose ascent this year evidently feels like a threat to the more established artist. “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” she said, an only slightly veiled reference to rumors that Azalea doesn’t write her own material. Then, just in case we didn’t get it, she primped some more, mimicking Azalea’s signature gestures with a precision that Minaj’s former acting teachers might have admired.”

PIPPA TALKS: And sits on her famous behind, per Celebuzz!, “It’s been more than three years since the world first met Pippa Middleton in her royal bridesmaid dress. Now, the 30-year-old sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is talking about that dress for the first time on television. “In a chat that aired Monday morning on The Today Show, the younger Middleton admitted the attention caught her a little off guard. “It was completely unexpected,” she told Matt Lauer. “I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress, really. Just to sort of blend in with the train.” ’’

BOBBY WOMACK: Obit, per Rolling Stone, “Soul-music genius Bobby Womack had talent to burn — and he burned it. He was in the first rank of songwriters, penning classics such as “It’s All Over Now,” which became the Rolling Stones’ first Number One single in the UK. He was a top-notch guitarist, backing up everyone from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin.

“And when he sang on his own records, he could compel you to get on your feet (“Looking for a Love”), reinvent standards as R&B anthems (“Fly Me to the Moon”) or express yearning like nobody else (“Across 110th Street”).”



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01 July, 2014

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