The power of lyrics is astonishing. The fact that a song can transfer emotions from an artist, to a listener, is power in itself. We understand that the music industry was a different place 10, 20 years ago, but the essence of a good song remains the same.

The music that gets radio play is usually catchy and has mass appeal. Sure, everyone may not like it, but even a poorly written song can get massive attention if it’s catchy.

Hits Tree Entertainment has a passion for unique concepts, coherent lyrics, and catchy tunes. Lyrics are the most important part of a song, next to the melody. Hit songs consist of a good melody, a catchy chorus, and powerful lyrics. As you know, by listening to the radio, anyone can create a catchy tune, but not everyone has the ability to create Award-Winning material.

Many artists believe in the misconception that talent alone will help them succeed. As much as we wish it was true, it’s not. Music publishers and record executives are looking for hit songs; they want something they can market. Not only do you need a hit song, but you also need to properly market that song to get noticed. A hit song means nothing if no one ever hears it.

Even if you choose not to use Hits Tree Entertainment for your songwriting needs, make sure you find a company or person who is passionate about lyrics, and who is versatile. Taylor Swift was a songwriter at the age of 12, so it’s not always about experience; it’s about talent and passion.

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