Special Deal: 50 Beats for $19.99

If you’re rapper, today is your lucky day! We’ve found a very special deal for some industry-quality beats for an INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE! Most producers & websites that offer beat bundles sell such generic beats that make them very unappealing, so we have something great in store for you all.

There are many independent rappers who steal tagged beats and record songs over them. The problem with doing that is, you could get into legal trouble, especially if you try selling your song. Why continue to create music that you’re not earning money from? Why continue to put out songs that have a producer’s tag throughout the song?


If you’re a serious artist, pay to lease your beats. If you’re good, your fans will buy the song and you’ll see a return on your investment. I cannot stress this enough, INVEST IN YOUR MUSIC CAREER! It will eventually pay off in the long run.

With that being said…

Most producers, well at least the good ones, charge $23.99 & up to lease a beat. If the beat is hot, do yourself a favor, and snatch it up quick! It would crush your soul to hear a beat, write a song to it, then realized someone has bought the exclusive rights so it’s no longer available for sale or lease. If you’re familiar with Lex Luger, and I’m sure you are, you know he creates some of the hottest tracks for some of the top rappers in the game. Being an independent artist, we understand you can’t afford thousands for a hit song, and trust me, you don’t have to. We’ve found a producer who creates insane “Lex Luger” type beats, at a price that’s even more insane. You can get 50 beats for only $19.99. So the price you would pay to lease another producer’s beat, you could have a ton more. You could complete four or five albums or mixtape with this bundle alone. The beats are untagged, high-quality, and ready for you to record and sell your next hit song.

You don’t have to take our word for it, Click Here to listen to Luger’s Beats.


09 February, 2014

62 thoughts on “Special Deal: 50 Beats for $19.99

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